Astroparticle Physics (2015)

Astroparticle Physics is the interface of particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. This is an exciting area of contemporary research which is going through its golden age - there is a lot of data, several important problems that have been identified, a few have been solved, and several more are expected to be solved within the next few decades.

Target Audience

This is a "Reading Course" in the TIFR graduate school. Students who have joined after their B.Sc. or M.Sc may both take this course, but confirm with the SBP if you can get credit for it.


Time: Flexible

Venue: A304

Credit policy: Presentations (25%), write-ups (25%), end-term viva (50%)

Instructor: Basudeb Dasgupta

Course Contents

1. Homogeneous early Universe cosmology

2. Dark Matter: Particle theory and basics of structure formation

3. Neutrinos in stars and cosmology

4. Cosmic rays


1. The Early Universe, Kolb and Turner

2. Particle Dark Matter: Observations, Models, and Searches, Ed. by Bertone

3. Stars as laboratories for Fundamental Physics, Raffelt

4. Astroparticle Physics, Bergstrom and Goobar