Astroparticle Physics (2018)

Astroparticle Physics is the interface of particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. This is an exciting area of contemporary research which is going through its golden age - there is a lot of data, several important problems that have been identified, a few have been solved, and several more are expected to be solved within the next few decades.

Target Audience

This is a "Reading Course" in the TIFR graduate school. Students who have joined after their B.Sc. or M.Sc may both take this course, but confirm with the SBP for administrative details.


Time: Flexible

Venue: A304 / A320

Credit policy: Presentations (25%), write-ups (25%), end-term viva (50%)

Instructor: Basudeb Dasgupta

Course Contents

1. Homogeneous early Universe cosmology

2. Dark matter: Particle theory and basics of structure formation

3. Neutrinos in stars and cosmology

4. Gravitational waves


1. The Early Universe, Kolb and Turner

2. Particle Dark Matter: Observations, Models, and Searches, Ed. by Bertone

3. Stars as laboratories for Fundamental Physics, Raffelt

4. Gravitational waves, Maggiore