Dark Matter (2018)

Dark Matter is one of the great mysteries that has occupied physicists and astronomers for the last half a century. This is a course that presents the modern evidence for dark matter, ideas about what it can be, and how we can test those ideas.

Target Audience

This is a set of nine lectures for graduate students from all over India at the SERC School, the XXXII edition being held at IISER Pune.


Time: See Schedule

Venue: IISER Pune

Lecturer: Basudeb Dasgupta

Guest Faculty: Subhendra Mohanty and Aseem Paranjape

Lecture Notes

Apologies to the students: You still have to work with the physical copy; Full version coming soon [Edit: In the meantime, the book by Profumo and the Notes by Bauer and Plehn cover most of what we discussed].