Supernova Neutrinos (2018)

Supernovae are the grandest fireworks in Nature, that are responsible for, among other things, creating the calcium in your bones and the iron in your blood. They are incredibly bright, often as bright as a whole galaxy with a billion stars in them. Neutrinos are fascinating particles that slip through everything undetected. Yet, supernovae provide one exceptional setting where neutrinos interact significantly and exhibit many puzzling phenomena.

The lectures here concern how do neutrinos behave in and out of the supernova, and what one can learn using these supernova neutrinos.

Target Audience

This is a set of two 1.5 hour lectures for graduate students and postdocs at the International Neutrino Summer School 2018 in Mainz.


Time: See Schedule

Venue: Schloss Waldthausen

Instructor: Basudeb Dasgupta

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 and 2